I’m an 24 years old dancer, I love to make people happy and this is my story.

I was born and raised in Czech Republic. I grew up loving music and then it happened. In 2005 (time flies so fast!) I saw “Don’t Cha” by Pussycat Dolls on MTV. I loved it – the whole video was so cool that I immediately got this really strange idea – I want to have a music video as well! The problem was that I didn’t know how to sing. Then I thought about dancing… Right then I knew that my hips don’t lie! So I borrowed my mum’s camera and I started making videos. That’s how it all began – my passion was ignited.

Pussycat Dolls were my biggest inspiration. Even though I was a boy, I loved what they were doing and I didn’t give one flying fuck about anyone. Their music, videos and attitude made me happy, but mostly – it inspired me to be fearless.

But I was a terrible dancer. And even though back then I thought the total opposite, my classmates started bullying me for being different. I was only a kid, but they knew that I was not like them. And at that time I knew that I was interested in boys and that was the main difference in me. But I didn’t care about others. I loved my dancing hobby and I knew that my parents didn’t fail at raising me. I had a good heart. So even though I got my ass kicked multiple times, I never felt like a victim. I accepted the reality of being bullied and few years later I was actually glad it all happened because it simply made me a stronger person. 

There was a possibility that I will give up on my hobby and quit making videos and dancing. But I didn’t. All of that stuff gave me that much needed gasoline into my fire. Somehow I wanted to prove everyone wrong. Show them that it’s really terrible to drag someone down for chasing their dreams or being different.

It was time to choose high school. I followed my intuition as I wanted to do something creative. I started studying art school. My specialization was in painting, drawing and other forms of this type of art. Meanwhile I was getting better with my pen and brush, I was also working on my videos. They were still terrible. And I was still being bullying, but not as before. I started to be brave enough to speak up when someone was making fun of myself. At that time of my life I was becoming an adult and I knew who I Am. I knew I was different, but there was no reason to feel ashamed.

One day I was leaving school to catch my bus. There was a group of older boy in front of me. I heard them gossiping me and making fun of myself. Then they said: „Look at this faggot behind us.”. I had enough and I replied: „You better watch your ass then or I might rape it.”.They were quiet immediately.

I was becoming an adult. After high school I moved to the main city of my country. Into that big big concrete jungle. I thought that my dreams will come true there… And they did. But let’s take the story step by step. I became a part of a dance group and that was the moment when I felt like something is happening. We were performing in every club, we had cool outfits on, great choreographies. And I was able to keep up with them – that showed me that I don’t have to be a trained dancer to be good.

Remember that – being a pro is always a plus, but if you have that passion in your heart, hard work and dedication can do wonders. You can also have a natural talent, but sometimes you need to really try to get to know yourself and be sure in what you can do.

Then it all kinda fell apart. Even though I was friends with those people in the group, it didn’t have a happy end. We had a conflict and then I was out of the group. It was hard, because I loved those people like my second family and we were sharing the most amazing stages together. But shit happens and sometimes life shows you different directions. I just hope they are all happy in their life.

It’s important not to take any bad feelings with you once you are moving on your path. It will only make it harder for you to move forward and be focused. You can be mad for some time, but the best moment comes when you decide not to feed your anger and move on.

So what now? After I got dropped from that dance group I decided to pay more attention to my videos. I was in my early 20’s. I knew I got much better in dancing, but there was still (and to this day still is) lots of room for improvement. And that’s what I did – I tried to improve myself. Not only as an artist, but also as a human being. But as I lost my friends, I basically became lonely in that huge city. And I started to feel lonely. But then it happened – I met the love of my life.

Love is the most powerful thing. Love for your parents, siblings, partner… It is something so special. It can make you cry, it can make you scream, it can make you smile. It drives you crazy. And as I found my perfect second half, I finally became much closer to being the real me.

I’m married for almost four years now. With that support system by my side I was able to bring new life to my videos. I could see the change – I became more confident and free minded. I was no longer in fear of what I should or shouldn’t do, how I should represent myself or how I should dance. I felt free. I was blossoming with my husband by my side.

It can take years for you to finally reach that level of your craft where you can finally stop and say: „I’m happy with my work.”, but trust me – that moment is so worth it.

I was always doing videos only with myself dancing my own choreographies. But in summer 2016 I decided to film a video of myself dancing a Beyoncé choreography to “End of Time”. I didn’t even put that much work into editing the video and I posted it on my facebook page where at that time I had around 15 000 fans. And something incredible happened – my video got shared so many times that in only one week it reached more than 5 000 000 views. I was blown away. I couldn’t even focus – I was checking my notifications every minute. And then I knew that it was only the beginning.

People say that likes, views or comments shouldn’t matter. I think otherwise. In this age online world is very common and important. And if you a single like can make your day brighter, then be it. It’s the same with me – once I see the amount of likes I get per video, my soul is just shimmering with happiness.

From that moment everything was getting only better. My first video I ever recorder got around 50 views and I was so amazed by it. Years later I’m here not believing how many views my videos are getting. Simply amazing and heart warming. It took me so many years to finally reach a certain level that keeps me heavily happy. I even got noticed by famous people that I look up to. From Pia MiaBlack Eyed Peas, Zara Larsson, Normani from Fifth Harmony to Iggy Azalea. Even Pussycat Dolls saw and commented on my videos – and just imagine that they were the reason I started dancing – it’s simply crazy! But that’s not all.

One morning I woke up, went to check my notifications on Instagram and boom – Beyoncé’s mum, Tina Knowles Lawson, commented on my video. Unbelievable. Even Beyoncé’s choreographer for her “Formation World Tour”, Chris Granted, commented. And also Bey’s dancers did. Simply a dream come true, I will forever be grateful for that!strom

My story is far from being over. There are so many other chapters I need to go through. But what I know for sure is that I will never stop. I might seem crazy to some people, some people might hate me for what I do, but I don’t care. This is me, take it or leave it. I’m here to entertain people and hopefully inspire them and make them happy on their sad days.

This is my story, but it can also be your story.
I want to inspire you.
I want you to believe in yourself.
Just as I believed in myself.

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