Don’t hide yourself

Today I had a dilemma. Suddenly I felt the need to change my nickname on social media. Why? Well, I wanted to be hidden for some people. I didn’t like the reality of anyone being able to google me and watch my videos. People are so damn judgemental. I was thinking about my landlord… Really cool dude, but what if he finds my videos and is going to kick me out? Or what about my colleagues? Well, most of them know about my videos, but still… There are some that doesn’t know and it’s better this way.
Then I started thinking about the fact that I almost didn’t get my current job. And yes, it was because of my videos. My boss confessed to me once we were drinking that before my first interview they found my Instagram page and watched my video and they got scared. Scared of who I could be, maybe some over the top gay guy, or some psycho crazy persona… Well, after my first interview they realized that I’m actually shy in person.
So I got that job. I focused on my good vibes and smile and it worked. But it still shows me that there are chances that some doors might be closed for me in the future because of my videos. So yes, I wanted to change my nickname and everything, just to make sure no one can find me online by my real name.
But then I thought:  „Fuck it, I will be myself.”. What is the purpose of working so hard on something, trying to get better and better at it, and then trying to hide it? Of course what I do is not for everyone and there will be people that will judge me, but that’s their option. My option is to be a kind nice person with a heart on my sleeve and that’s what I’m going to do. And I’m also going to keep my full name on all my social profiles just to make sure everyone can see how passionate I’m about my art. And my advice for you?
Be you. Be fearless, be brave and be proud. You live only once, do what you love to do and don’t feel the need to hide it because of the fear that someone might judge you. If they will, you can always tell them to go fuck themselves.

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